Swoon Over Montana Avenue's Magical Trees

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Halline Overby
Every block through the heart of Montana Avenue "... features a ficus tree that has been transformed into a unique, illuminated work of art with themes that range from whimsical butterflies and flowers to hanging lanterns, chandeliers, and colored panes," shares the city.
Halline Overby
The City's Art of Recovery initiative and the Montana Avenue Merchants Association have partnered on this gift to the community.
Halline Overby
"As businesses fully reopen and welcome residents, shoppers and visitors back to Montana Avenue, we envision this public art project to be a focal point that draws people in," said Montana Avenue Merchants Association Chair Kara Taub.
Halline Overby
"We hope the installation encourages people to walk and explore new businesses that have recently opened or rediscover long-standing neighborhood favorites."
Kara Taub
"Art of Recovery is thrilled to collaborate with the Montana Avenue Merchants Association as a production partner to bring a creative project of this scale to the district," said the City of Santa Monica’s Cultural Affairs Manager, Shannon Daut.
Halline Overby
"By working together, we build capacity and sustainability among local groups to produce impactful art projects. This installation is a great example of what these collaborations can accomplish to provide more community access to artistic experiences."
Kara Taub
Look for these picture-ready trees dotting a ten-block stretch of Montana Avenue.
Kara Taub
Several of the leafy shade-givers can be admired in the daytime, too, like this pretty butterfly-bedecked tree.
Kara Taub
Spy this engaging installation, for free, through September 2022 in Santa Monica.
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