That Haunted Movie Theater Is Returning to OC

CGV Cinemas in Buena Park'll have a "spooky scene" set up, complete with themed sips and other terrifying touches.

What to Know

  • Oct. 25-Nov. 3, 2019
  • Seasonal decorations and staff in costume
  • Halloween-themed cocktails, like the Witches Brew, are additional

Frights in the film world are typically consigned to a large, rectangle-shaped screen.

You know that the ghost in front of you, the one that is shimmering tall thanks to a nearby projector, isn't going to talk with you, or interact with you in any unsettling or spooky way.

And yet? There is a theater in Southern California where some of the ghouls are seen outside of that rectangle, around the lobby and other places beyond where you sit to see a film.

It's CGV Cinemas 8, the one in Buena Park. And it has become known for inviting all manner of monsters, and dolloping on the eeky additions, when Halloween draws near. 

As it will again, from Oct. 25 through Nov. 3, 2019. Look for staffers to be "... dressed in their scariest Halloween costumes," and a "spooky scene" in the lobby, which should up the frightful atmosphere.

Nope, this isn't a maze or haunted house. But it is a way to up the air of wicked whimsy in a bright space that's typically devoted to concessions.

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And will there be special seasonal cocktails for sale during the eveningtime experience? There shall be. Look for the Candy Corn Cocktail and the Witches Brew. If you'd like a snack alongside, you'll also enjoy 10% off food bought at the bar.

The Haunted Movie Theater is now a Buena Park tradition, one that pops up in the days ahead of Oct. 31, all to give movie mavens a few extra chills and/or thrills.

So will the ghosts and villains seen on the big screen match up to some of the outfits you saw in the lobby? Perhaps. But consider that those screen characters are, well, not really there, while the spookies around the lobby are very much of the IRL variety.

Your movie ticket is all that's needed for you to check out some of these fun decorations; drinks and eats are additional.

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