The ‘ant'-icipation is over: LA Zoo welcomes a super-cute Southern Tamandua pup

It's the first-ever successful birth of the lesser anteater for the animal park.

Los Angeles Zoo

What to Know

  • A Southern Tamandua pup was born at the Los Angeles Zoo on Aug. 28; visitors can see the baby in the nursery near the Winnick Family Children's Zoo
  • The youngster's parents are Micah and Lou; the gender of the little lesser anteater will be "determined at a later date through bloodwork"
  • This is the "first-ever successful Tamandua birth" at the animal park

Our initial encounters with anteaters often happen through popular culture, specifically the animated features that show the ground-probing animals slurping up insects courtesy of their lengthy tongues.

And while cartoons can often turn earthlings into seemingly fantastical beings, anteaters require no fanciful exaggeration: These amazing animals really do consume a prodigious amount of insects with the help of their extraordinary lickers.

But we know you're getting ant-sy about why we're talking anteaters, so we won't draw the ant-cipation of the Los Angeles Zoo's big news out any further: A baby Southern Tamandua was born at the animal park on Aug. 28 to mother Micah and father Lou.

Making this exciting development especially nose-table, er, notable? The lesser anteater's arrival represents the "first-ever successful Tamandua birth" at the LA Zoo.

"This is a significant birth for the zoo," said Mallory Peebles, senior animal keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo.

"This is the first time LA Zoo visitors will have the opportunity to see the species as a neonate and observe its development over time. We are thrilled with this new addition to our zoo family and its arrival is a testament to the care and wellbeing provided by our entire team."

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The zoo notes that the baby's gender will be "determined at a later date through bloodwork."

If you're eager to admire this youngster and first-time parents Micah and Lou, you can at the nursery near the Winnick Family Children's Zoo.

But you don't have to wait to feel all the feels: LA Zoo shared photos of the beautiful baby on Sept. 20.

Hello there, tiny Tamandua. The zoo shared a few facts about the gestation of a lesser anteater: "After mating, the female’s gestation lasts between 130 and 190 days, with Micah's gestation lasting 164 days."
"The zoo's Animal Care team closely monitored Micah's health, behaviors, and the development of the fetus through the course of her pregnancy. Keepers worked with Micah and successfully trained her to voluntarily position to allow veterinarians to perform ultrasound exams. This husbandry technique allows the animal to receive extraordinary care without the use of sedation."
"Micah and the pup have been bonding and settling nicely into their habitat. Micah has been an attentive and caring new mother, often observed cuddling with her pup in their nest or touring the exhibit with her pup on her back."
"This birth is a result of a pairing recommendation made by the Southern Tamandua Species Survival Plan (SSP), a cooperative breeding program between AZA accredited zoos to maintain genetic diversity and sustainability in the North American zoo population." View mom, dad, and baby at the nursery near the LA Zoo's Winnick Family Children's Zoo.
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