Mardi Gras

The Original Farmers Market Has Mardi Gras Eats to Go

The landmark's famous Fat Tuesday celebration isn't happening in 2021, but The Gumbo Pot has New Orleans-style bites aplenty.

Nodar Chernishev

What to Know

  • Feb. 13-16, 2021 (Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, Feb. 16)
  • There's no celebration in 2021, but restaurants, including The Gumbo Pot, are open
  • You can buy to-go food or dine at an outdoor table; please remember your face covering and observe physical distancing

A reveler strolling down Bourbon Street on a February afternoon can likely pinpoint a dozen different Mardi Gras sights and sounds, the quintessential traditions that symbolize the exuberant event.

But if you're in Los Angeles, and you're a fan of Fat Tuesday, your go-to must-dos might vary a bit.

For example? You'll likely speak fondly of standing below the East Patio balcony at the Original Farmers Market, all to catch a few strands of shiny beads.

The landmark public market's beloved bead-tosses are canceled in 2021, as are the concerts, parades, and other NOLA-style happenings that usually fill out the weekend ahead of Mardi Gras at Third & Fairfax.

But The Gumbo Pot?

The famous and flavorful West Patio gem is open, so stop by to stock up on jambalaya, beignets, hush puppies, and the other notable noshables that have that New Orleans flair.

You can take your Mardi Gras goodies to go, too, if you'd like to savor your celebratory supper at home.

Just be sure to also remember the all-important King Cake, which is available at Michelina Artisan Boulanger. But if you're simply looking for beignets? There's a pop-up beignet stand, helmed by The Gumbo Pot, all weekend long.

Look for the powder-sugared treats in the Plaza area.

And Fidos flaunting festive costumes are a major part of the Original Farmers Market party each year, but, yes, Doggie Gras must wait for 2022.

But if you're pup is rocking the green-yellow-purple look, or another merry Mardi Gras get-up, stop by The Dog Bakery for a freebie: a mini-pack of Mardi Gras cookies. (Oh yes, and a discount on dog-cute items themed to the holiday.)

For all of the Mardi Gras eats and offers, visit the Original Farmers Market now.

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