A Whimsical Unicorn Latte Is Making Magic in Seal Beach

But only over Valentine's Weekend. Where to go? Humblemaker Coffee Co. has the colorful caffeinated sip.

Humblemaker Coffee Co.

What to Know

  • Humblemaker Coffee Co. in Seal Beach (in partnership with Unicorn)
  • Feb. 12-14
  • $7.50

Drizzle is returning, at least briefly, to un-dry our drier Southern California winter.

But something that can add instant and enchanting color to a gray day?

Any fantastical foodstuff that delivers a dose of whimsy and cheer.

And as we weather the winter of '21, we're all on the lookout for more smile-inducing opportunities.

With that in mind, the timing is ideal on this one: A special and celebratory sip is popping up, for three days only, at Humblemaker Coffee Co. in Seal Beach.

Inspired by The Unicorn Latte created at The End in Brooklyn, the imaginatively presented libation is full of happy hues, starry sprinkles, and enough purple-meets-pink pop to give any pretty paper Valentine a run for its ultra-adorable money.

It fancifully fits, then, that this special sip will be available over Valentine's Weekend at Humblemaker Coffee Co. in Seal Beach, in partnership with the health-forward drink outfit Unicorn.

The price?

It's $7.50, and while no unicorns will actually be present as you quaff this colorful treat, is may put you in a sunshiny frame of mind, which is a very unicorny state to enter.

A drizzly start to the weekend of hearts can't stop our wish for something warm and whimsical.

And if wishes were Unicorn Lattes, they'd simmer, with prettiness and panache, at Humblemaker Coffee Co., from Feb. 12 through 14.

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