The Srirachelada: Angel City's Spicy New Sip

Oh yeah, this is actually happening. Rejoice, offbeat bear enthusiasts.

Part of moving in with a roommate, or falling in love with someone and deciding to share an address, is nervously revealing the strange food combos you regularly consume behind the closed kitchen door.

And while a lot of people might cock an eyebrow over ketchup paired with oatmeal — or, hmm, maybe not — nobody, anywhere, has any valid complaints to make about how Sriracha is used and how much of it gets used in a single go.

It's the unscathable squeeze bottle, beloved and fiercely fan-protected, and people have even been known to pour the iconic condiment right into their suds.

Angel City Brewery, recognizing a good duo when they taste it, is helping out Sriracha + suds people with a new limited release now on store shelves.

It's the Srirachelada, and if you're wondering if this libation is a lot like a Michelada, complete with Worcestershire sauce, well, we'll unhand our Sriracha bottle and give a big ol' spicy-fingered high-five. Michelada, you're a smooth summer sip, but you've got a flavorful cousin that's ready to compete.

There's lime juice, too, in the Srirachelada, and agave, and other piquant additions, like pickled banana pepper juice. (Oh, ear squelch. Is there anything more potent than reading the words "pickled banana pepper juice" for summoning an instant tickling of your taste buds and the area around your ears?)

You can now find the bottled brew at the Angel City Public House, or around town on various shelves.

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But will you add even *more* Sriracha to your Srirachelada? Look, no judgment. We all like what we like, in the food and beverage department of life. And a whole lot of people dig the green-and-red bottles made in Irwindale (and what's inside them, of course).

The fact, though, that the pepper-packed condiment is now showing up in other edible, drinkable products should bolster any Sriracha buff's love of their favorite squeeze, as if devoted Sriracha love could be pushed any further.

Here's how Angel City's doing it:

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