These Coconut Bunnies Are Sweet and Snapshot-Cute

Tony He's new Pasadena restaurant is serving a host of seafood-based dim sum classics, as well as an adorable, rabbit-shaped dessert.

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What to Know

  • New dim sum in Old Pasadena at 2 East Colorado Boulevard
  • March 14 grand opening
  • Coconut pudding bunnies, shrimp dumplings, BBQ Pork, buns

Easter isn't hippity-hopping our way for another another five or so weeks, but that hasn't stopped a host of candy rabbits from showing up on our store shelves.

In fact, you can now find happy hares in marshmallow form, in nougat, too, and the ubiquitous chocolate bunnies, those sweet superstars found in a tot's Easter morning basket.

But one bunny that's rising above the rest of the pack, er, colony can't be found on any store shelf at the moment: It's the bunny-cute coconut pudding at the new Chef Tony restaurant in Old Pasadena.

The eatery, which will have its grand opening on Saturday, March 14, is the fourth in Chef Tony He's celebrated staple; the acclaimed dim sum pro also has three restaurants in Canada.

And here's something lovely happening during the grand opening: Everyone who stops by to dine-in on March 14 will be treated to one complimentary dim sum dish. And if you're among the first 300 guests that day? Oh yeah: You'll enjoy two free dim sum dishes.

Whenever you visit the Old Pas spot, you'll likely enter while dreaming of those photo-fun coconut pudding bunnies, the desserts you'll order for the close of your meal, but what will you choose for your savory selections?

Seafood is a main theme for Chef Tony, with Shrimp Dumplings with Gold Leaf and a deep-fried Crispy King Prawn serving as two menu highlights. Other offerings include BBQ Pork with Chives Pastry and Steamed Lava Salty Egg York Bun.

Whatever main picks you make, you'll surely keep room for a line-up of whimsical rabbits, the kind of cute confections that end a meal on a picture-worthy note, yes?

For more on Chef Tony's tempting menu, click.

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