Things to Do This Week: Turkey Trot Time

Dress up as a can of cranberry and make for a get-moving event on Thanksgiving morning.

Turkey Trots: If it has been a full year since you dressed up as a pecan pie or gravy boat and trotted in a Thanksgiving morning run or walk, well... That makes sense. For Turkey Trots only come around but once a calendar, and they're gobble-gobble-ing back into several Southern California spots, with fundraising and fun at the center of their holiday-loving hearts, on Nov. 22. Trot for City Hall in DTLA for Turkey Trot Los Angeles, or the longtime Long Beach trot, or the Rose Bowl, the Burbank YMCA trot, or Dana Point ("Run the Race Before You Stuff Your Face!), or the trot at Yorba Regional Park.

Thanksgiving Stuffing volunteer event: Nope, you won't be partaking in stuffing, as in the bready holiday side, but you will be stuffing bags full of good food for thousands of "hungry and grateful people," helping out our Southern California neighbors. The annual day-before-Thanksgiving give-back gathering draws hundreds of people ready to pitch in, listen to live bluegrass music, and nosh upon the provided breakfast foods. Can't make the Wednesday morning, Nov. 21 to-do? You can always donate, oh yeah. 

Seasonal Ice Rinks for the Holiday: There are many ovals and squares seen on the Thanksgiving table — think of the ceramic baking dish that holds the mashed potatoes or the pan of pumpkin brownies your cousin bakes — but there are also larger ovals and squares that pop up around this time of year, too. These are the outdoor ice rinks, and there are a few open, and they'll be open on Thanksgiving Day. Check out the hours, and tickets, for 2018 Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square presented by Bai, LA Kings Holiday Ice, or Ice at Santa Monica now.

Moonlight Forest at the Arboretum: Seeking a splendid, post-sundown stroll for you and your whole caboodle of visiting relatives, post-turkey? Alight upon a ticket for this light-filled extravaganza in Arcadia. Wondrous dragons, panda bears, and other amazing scenes created with glow and whimsy fill out the after-dark event, which sparkles through Jan. 6. These cool creations? They were created by "skilled artisans from China's Sichuan province," so don't miss this chance to see the lit artworks in person.

LA Zoo Lights: This annual illuminated super-dazzle just opened for another sparkly stretch, meaning that if you catch it this week, you'll be one of the first people to see the 2018 displays. In the hustle and hubbub of the holiday, step outside and into a world of "giant animated snowflakes, a disco ball forest, a whimsical herd of animated elephants, and a twinkling tunnel filled with dynamic swirls of color." A ticket? Find it here. The final date? Go Griffith Park before Jan. 6, 2019.

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