This dinosaur-packed tour is making our July even more Jurassic-y

Yes, we said "even more": the "Jurassic World Live Tour" is whisking fans into the rrawr-filled realm of the blockbuster films.

Jurassic World Live Tour

What to Know

  • Jurassic World Live Tour 2023
  • July 14-16 at the Honda Center in Anaheim
  • Blue the Raptor will be there, as well as some of the franchise's best-known (and ultra-toothy) titans

Summertime is Jurassic time, totally and forever, even if we're not in a queue to experience the latest in dinosaur-driven cinema.

It is, after all, something that fans of both the "Jurassic Park" flicks and the realm of "Jurassic World" have been experiencing for three decades now: When temperatures rise, so does our dino-loving desire to spy super-large, super-scaly creatures on the silver screen.

In short, July might just be the most Jurassic-y stretch of the year, thanks to the fact that revisiting the hit films is a summer tradition for so many devotees of the 'saur-centric stories.

But what if you could attend an in-real-life happening that features some of those fearsome prehistoric icons, if not in the flesh, exactly, then convincingly realized?

Welcome to the Jurassic World Live Tour 2023, a dino-delightful happening that is a-ok for families, fans of the films, and people who wish they could travel back a few eons, all to observe some ancient critters frolicking on an ancient isle.

Of course, the isle in question here is Isla Nubar, where "your trip takes a terrifying turn when the Indominus rex escapes, causing chaos in the park."

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Other adrenaline-fueled moments will play out before the audience, and by "play out" we do mean involve large-scale, oh-so-realistic dinosaurs that, gulp, move.

The "live arena" show will also spotlight both the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops, as well as the biggie of the bunch, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Have youngsters in your T. Rex-obsessed group?

There are a couple of afternoon shows just ahead at the Honda Center in Anaheim if you'd like to connect with colossal creatures before it gets too late.

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