Original Farmers Market

This Free ‘Pickle Palooza' Is a Pretty Big Dill

The sour, er, hour has come for this first-ever festival at the Original Farmers Market. At the crunchy helm? Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles.

Kaylin + Kaylin
  • Original Farmers Market
  • Saturday, June 18 from 1 to 3 p.m.
  • Free to enter; a trio of eating contests, music, and pickle pics are on the schedule

Sometimes the hour arrives when we are compelled to step up, take a bite, and embrace all of the crunchiness, tang, and spice that life has to offer.

Or do we mean that the "sour" arrives? Perhaps we do, at least when it comes to a free event that's dill, er, will add flavor and fun to the Original Farmers Market on Saturday, June 18.

For that's when the first-ever Pickle Palooza will take place, offering fans of the crunch-strong condiment several ways to crunchily connect with their favorite foodstuff.

Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles, a pickle purveyor that arrived at the landmark a few years ago, is at the helm of this happening, which will feature foodie influencers, live music, and photo opps themed to pickles.

Oh yes: And a trio of eating contests. Sweet pickles will be the star of one of the showdowns, while savory will have its competitive moment, too.

And line up the glasses of water, for spicy pickles will also play a piquant part in one of the contests.

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If you have that one pal that requires pickle spice on everything (even, um, desserts), and wears pickle green each day, and finds pickle-y pleasures at every meal, this might be their pickle-perfect outing.

It's all pickling-up The Plaza for two tangy hours on June 18, starting at 1 o'clock. Admission is complimentary, but do let the pickle people behind the party know that you're ready to be in a pickle.

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