Valentine's Day

This Mega Pie, a Mickey's Deli Special, Is a Pizza With Heart

Choose your favorite toppings for this tender-of-spirit, super-toothsome Hermosa Beach favorite.

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What to Know

  • Mickey's Italian Deli & Pizzeria in Hermosa Beach
  • Available Feb. 11-14, 2022; be sure to order in advance
  • The heart-shaped pizza starts at $17.75; toppings are $1.75 each

When you're a popular restaurant, and you've served savory pizza pies and delicious delicatessen staples for seven decades, you likely develop a warm rapport with the restaurant-loving community, a well-deserved reputation that's on the larger-and-in-charger side.

This is true for Mickey's Italian Deli & Pizzeria, which has been a Hermosa Beach go-to for pepperoni perfection and sandwich savoriness for almost seven decades.

And the "larger-and-in-charger" part grows especially clear when Mickey's offers its memorable limited-time specials, like that ginormous pizza slice that comes back around every so often, the one that's bigger than an actual pizza.

So when it comes to thinking on a grand scale for a grand weekend, say, the weekend that leads to Valentine's Day, fans of red sauce, melted cheese, and toothsome dough will want to put their minds to a mega way to express "love," or at least the always-winning concept of "let's split a pizza, and spend some time together."

And that mega way?

Look to the return of the heart-shaped pizza, a Mickey's favorite come the middle of February. And the pie will indeed be available to buy, for four days, from Feb. 11-14, 2022.

The price starts at $17.75, and you can add toppings for $1.75 each.

While pizza-loving paramours do share this snapshot-cute dish, the eatery says it is also a favorite for families on the holiday, a way to savor a celebratory and filling supper after a day of cute candies and chocolate treats.

"Our business started on a leap of faith with my dad," said Paul Mance, who took over operations at the restaurant in 2001.

"With the heart-shaped pizza, we create opportunities for people to connect in similar ways. Love always requires some measure of trust in one another, and we want you to take that leap while enjoying the flavors that you can only get at Mickey's."

Eager to present this big pie to your beloved just before Feb. 14 or on the big day? Be sure to phone ahead and order your holiday pizza in advance.

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