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This Week: Time to Step up the Spooky

Enter a world of Victorian horror at The Void.

Victorian Horror Adventure: There are as many ways to get your scare on around Southern California as there are seeds in a mega pumpkin, but if you want to go the virtual reality route, and visit a world of Victorian horror, you'll need to steer for The Void in Glendale. For that's where "Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment" is providing brave-spirited adventurers a trip back to one fright-making fair. Adding to the stomach-churning scene? The detailed VR makes it seem as though a ghoul might leap from any shadowy corner. Times vary by location; check with the spot you want to see.

I Like Scary Movies: So you dig the immersive, find-the-frights kind of experiences that are so richly cropping up around our region these days, but you're looking for one that has an art-strong look, and odes to famous fear films, and plenty of photo opps, too? There's this walk-through happening, which is enjoying its encore run in DTLA (yep, it was on the Miracle Mile in the spring). "Friday the 13th" has joined "The Shining" and "It" in the line-up, but there are other classics, too, to explore, eek out over, and, yes, pose near, for the perfect snap. The fun continues this week starting on Oct. 23.

LA Haunted Hayride: Speaking of midweek monsters, this themed destination, which is located at Griffith Park's Old Zoo, is delivering the wicked thrills on Wednesday, Oct. 23 (as well as dates later into the weekend, and into Halloween week). There is the hay-based journey found in the event's name, but other strange and seasonal sights to see, including one of the cheekiest and eekiest trick-or-treat trails around. Oh yes, and the hayride has a fresh theme for 2019: Midnight Falls. Be warned, for it is a town with plenty of terrors to spare.

Lucha VaVoom Fiesta Fantasma: What's the Halloween season without a few masks? Of course, the masks on vivacious view at The Mayan in DTLA on Oct. 23 and 24 are of the classic Mexican wrestling assortment. Which means, oh yes, exciting, action-packed wrestling will take centerstage, or, rather, center ring, along with burlesque, comedy, acrobatics, and goodies for the eye, mind, and funny bone, too. Can you show in costume? Oh, you bet. Is the line-up of wrestlers super-strong? Absolutely. Check out the whole "high octane" roster before making for this pre-Halloween tradition.

Spooky Cinema: For sure, you've got a stack of VHS tapes atop the television set. They're some of your favorite October movies, the ones you revisit before the most haunting night of the year. But check it out: Several vintage, VHS-worthy flicks are finding their way to the big screen at your local ArcLight. You'll want to check out the ArcLight Presents page of your neighborhood theater to see what's playing. In Hollywood? "Phantasm" and "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" are coming up on select days during the week ahead. How great, and ghostly, that some of these vintage offerings are back on the big scream. We mean "screen," of course. Screen.

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