Video Cool: Audition for a Moby-Wayne Coyne Video

The musicians are looking for a bevy of extras, including a guy with a beard.

Singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror is a time-honored tradition - one that has a way of lasting long past one's teen years. Looong past.

A great music video is very often the hairbrush wielder's inspiration. If this was -- or still is -- you, you have a chance to actually be in a music video, something that doesn't come around every day. (Okay, this is LA, so maybe it comes around every few days.)

The video's musicians? Moby and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. The audition date? Tuesday, Aug. 6. What they're looking for? A number of things, including a guy with a beard and "rollerskating ghosts."

You'll need to email if you're interested (email 'em lickety-split, since the audition hour approaches). The video will film on Saturday, Aug. 10 in downtown LA.

A few side notes:

The always eerie Creepy LA tipped us to this offbeat audition. Creepy LA is the spooky site behind ScareLA, which is ready for its creepy kick-off on Saturday, Aug. 10 and Sunday, Aug. 11 (and also downtown). The video and the Halloween convention are not related, despite the interesting coincidence that ghosts will likely cameo at both locations.


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Also? Moby is set to judge the vegan category at Good Food Pie Contest, the contest that's headed for LACMA on Saturday, Sept. 7. Do you make a really major meringue? Or how about a choice cherry? The electronica icon just may try a slice and give his thumbs up. If you want Moby to know that you're a pretty perfect pastry maker, best enter soon.

No need to dress as a rollerskating ghost for the pie contest though, right? Because your ghosty outfit just may get in the way while you bake. Ghosts are not known for their pie-making skills, we don't believe, but we never really thought of them as rollerskaters, either.

Our mind is ready to change on that last point, though, Moby and Wayne Coyne and auditioners of LA.

Delight us.

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