Weekend: Free Shakespeare in the Park Opens

Swoon alert: "Romeo & Juliet" spar and woo, at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park.

To be, or not to be going out this weekend, that is the question. But if you fancy enjoying some works of the bard in open air, an event is happening that could swing your decision.

FREE SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK OPENS: If your winter and spring were far too soliloquy-free, and your early summer has been a mite expensive, here's the rousing remedy: Words by the Bard performed at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park. Performed for free, so save for your cash for your picnic our buy-there treats. This year's plays by the always effervescent Independent Shakespeare Company? A "Romeo and Juliet" that is equal parts "fairy tale and punk" and "Much Ado About Nothing" set at the close of WWII. The picnic blankets meet grass on Thursday, June 25.

FAST & FURIOUS -- SUPERCHARGED: One of the most successful film franchises of all time just vroomed into Universal Studios Hollywood in thrill-ride form. Where will you see big effects, pedal-to-the-metal cars, and cameos by the film's stars? On the iconic Studio Tram Tour. The car-laden storyline gets some throttle via tram surprises, a garage visit, and an end-of-the-tour 3D chase sequence. 

LA URBAN NATURE FEST: So often parties that are paeans to our wilder world take place miles from the nearest city, in a grove of trees or upon a lake shore. But we know our busy city is flush with furry visitors from the hills and giant oaks and a burbling river. The Natural History Museum wants to strengthen this bond further -- city + the bounties of the outdoors -- with demos, activities, and two full weekend days spent around the pretty grounds of the Exposition Park favorite. June 27 and 28

PASADENA'S BIRTHDAY: A free party, with cake, and history, and a loving look-back, and tunes, all at the Pasadena Museum of History? That sounds as big as the Crown City itself. For sure, one of LA's oldest communities has a lot of history to share, and its famous rosy parade on New Year's Day is just one stunning slice. Get to know the town, eat a sweet, and hang out on a nice summer Sunday at the Feynes Mansion. Oh yes, the party's on in a truly storied casa. Be there June 28.

"SOUND OF MUSIC" SING-A-LONG: Do you not only know allll the words to "My Favorite Things" but the various inflections that Julie Andrews as Maria Von Trapp uses? Then you, dear friend, need to traipse your way, like a governess heading out to head up a rambunctious household, to the Hollywood Bowl for this hugely popular happening. June 26 is the night and the costumes will be as plentiful as edelweiss flowers in the springtime. Bonus: It's the film's 50th anniversary this year.

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