Weekend: Happy Father's Day, Southern California

The popular (and free!) Concours d'Elegance will deliver car-dazzle on Rodeo Drive.

Happy Father's Day: Oh hey there, it's time to delight Dad, the guy who goes the distance for you, with a special outing over his big weekend. One of the oldest 'round these parts, and, for sure, the free-to-get-in-est? It's Concours d'Elegance, on Sunday, June 16, and visitors can expect a slew of shiny automobiles on display. Over 35,000 people regularly attend this favorite, which is zooming into its 26th year, so do breakfast early with dear ol' Dad, then arrive for the 10 a.m. opening. The wrap-up time? Get there by 4 o'clock. This year's super-posh theme? Oh, hello there, you beautiful and stately Bentleys.

Pasadena Chalk Festival: And while we're on the topic of free things, there is this must-visit, and we say "must" if you dig drawings done on the ground. Dozens and dozens of drawings, that is, fabulous illustrations that suggest depth, space, and humor, too. Saturday, June 15 is the get-going day, so you'll find the seated or kneeling artists putting together what their picture will become, while Sunday, June 16 is when all of the landscapes and portraits will be taking their final and fantastic forms. It's all happening at The Paseo, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day, so if you're dining out for Father's Day in Old Pas, swing by.

Free Bread Festival: The dough-tastic staff of life? You could have toasted up your morning, or bagel'd yesterday afternoon, or maybe you always have a little bready something, even it is a crouton or two, with each meal. Does this all apply? Then loaf over to Grand Central Market on Saturday, June 15 for a day devoted to the chewy, filling goodness o' bread. There shall be making/baking demos, from bread-smart pros, and plenty of local purveyors selling their finest slices, pastries, and biscuits (plus people who do right by jams, too). Entry is free, but bring dough to buy bread and nut butters and such, oh yummy.

Pride on the Promenade: Now we must wait another year for the joy-laden lark down Santa Monica Boulevard, the LA Pride Parade. But! Great news: Pride Month continues, and Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade is the dance-tastic, DJ-riffic, theater-strong place to be on the afternoon and evening of June 15. A host of happenings will take place over seven celebratory hours, starting at 3 o'clock, with dance workshops, theatrical comedy presentations, a Conversation Café, and more holding court. It's all free, hooray, and it happens under the massive rainbow light installation currently sparkling, SaMo-style, above the promenade.

Free Block Party: If you've been a regular at the Petersen Automotive Museum, and you've been hitting its auto-tastic exhibits since it first opened, then you've been visiting the Miracle Mile-based wonderland o' wheels for a quarter century now. But how do you celebrate a big 25th, if you're an auto-famous institution? By inviting the whole neighborhood over, and anyone who adores incredible automotive artistry. It all happens on the evening of Saturday, June 15, there'll be rare cars to pine over, and kid to-dos, too. Want to let them know you'll be there? You can RSVP now, zoom-zoomers.

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