Weekend: Long Beach Bayou Festival

You'll dance, a lot, by the water. (Like, a lot a lot.) (Seriously, a lot.)

Long Beach Bayou Festival: There seems to be an issue with a lot of festivals, in that they advertise dancing, but not a lot of dancing really takes place, due to a shy crowd or a vibe not conducive to shaking it. But this party, which twirls like a pretty parasol in a second line parade, is all about dancing, real kick-up-the-heels dancing, to zydeco and NOLA-type ditties. Oh, and crawfish eating, too, and bead catching, and enjoying being on the water (not a bayou, but the Pacific). Dates? June 21 and 22.

Dwell on Design: It's a fact of the last decade or so that anyone looking to redo their kitchen with cleaner lines or contemporize their digs has turned to a particular publication that's become famous for stylish modern living. We speak of Dwell magazine, of course, and every year Dwell editors stage a vast show filled with demos and ideas and furniture and patio spreads and everything devoted to today's home and sustainable choices and lovely living. Lovely living, ah, so nice. Head for LACC from June 20 through 22.

Ice Age Hair Ball: A ball, in a fairytale, is very much about the big-skirted, large-hoop dress. Yes, the hairstyle is absolutely important -- a tiara is typically involved -- but the togs are tops. Except at the Page Museum, on Saturday, June 21. Hair is queen, and hairstyles that reflect the tar pits, as in mammoths, dire wolves, and other natural wonders. Think you can pull off a sabertoothed cat with just your locks and your natural pizzazz? Make for this outlandish fundraiser at once.

Longest Day of the Year: Solstice parties are popping up -- June 21 is the sunshine-laden-iest day of the year -- and people are looking to mark the moment. Santa Barbara throws one of the biggest parties around, with a colorful, costume-y parade and three-day confab, and Griffith Observatory hosts a few Summer Solstice-themed activities. You've been enjoying the lighter evenings, right? Because here comes the long slide into shorter days.

Paddle the LA River: What was once a pilot program is now an established part of summer 'round the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area. We're kayaking into the first weekend of the three-month program, and while the boats won't be out every day, exploring our urban waterway, they will on Saturdays. Best book those tickets, adventurers, for one of the nature-iest shows in town.

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