Weekend: Nighttime New Year's Race

The post-sundown run will again wend through downtown.

New Year's Race: True, there's no denying it, and the calendar tells us so: The first of January 2017 has now passed. But the New Year's-type reveleries and resolution-y to-dos continue, capped with this mondo race that's notable for a couple of different things. One? It has "New Year's" in its name, and those looking to commit to exercise as a resolution can use it as a first step. Two? It happens in the evening, through lit-up downtown. There's a 5K and a 10K, and Grand Park is your start point on Sunday, Jan. 8.

Oshogatsu Family Festival: The Year of the Rooster is on its way, and the Japanese American National Museum is throwing a sweet welcome party, complete with "New Year-themed activities, performances, and crafts!" Look for a Nerdbot Photo Booth, a cool time capsule happening, and other auspicious and awesome doings during the free event. It's on Jan. 8, Sunday.

Goodbye, "Spaghetti" Sculpture: Los Angeles is home to some mighty well-known artworks, from "Urban Light" at LACMA to the Jeff Koons "Balloon Dog" at The Broad. Like those two pieces, this walk-into-it work, also at LACMA, has been a favorite photo op for visitors, who must now get their pics quick. Jesús Rafael Soto's "Penetrable" leaves on Feb. 12, but a special snapshot day is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 8. Step into the spaghetti — er, plastic yellow tubes — and smile.

Happy Birthday, Elvis: Honoring The King on the anniversary of his birth is as simple as throwing some vinyl down on the ol hi-fi, but Presley buffs around SoCal can do something even niftier: Visit the house where he and Priscilla honeymooned. It's in Palm Springs, there shall be tribute artists, there shall be tours, and it all happens on Mr. P.'s birthday eve: Saturday, Jan. 7.

Pageant of the Masters Tryouts: It's a bucket-list-y goal for many people around Orange County, whether those people have ever officially acted before or not: Pose inside a "painting" during the summertime Laguna Beach spectacle. Auditions are just ahead, from Jan. 6 through 8, and if travel is your love, be glad, for the 2017 theme is "The Grand Tour." Nope, you don't need theatrical experience to give this a go, either, but you should be able to hold very, very still.

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