Weekend: Skyscraper Slide Opens

The see-through slide'll whisk visitors between floors 70 and 60 at the U.S. Bank Tower.

OUE Skyspace Debuts: Did your favorite playground have a sweet slide? Probably, but we'll wager it wasn't 70 floors above the street. The new OUE Skyspace, which boasts an observation deck and more, is making its debut near the top of the U.S. Bank Tower on Saturday, June 25, and the buzzed-about centerpiece is the see-through glass slide that whisks people from the 70th floor to the 69th. Oh, right: And Skyslide is outside the skyscraper, too. It's ticketed, as is entry to the Skyspace. Happy "wheee"-ing!

CatConLA: So managing your kitten's Instagram is more important than managing your own? Yep, this is your purr-fect party, a two-day happening that is about all things feline. Some internet superstars will be in the house (Lil BUB, holler) and some cat-tastic human favorites, too (hello there, Julie Newmar). It all rolls at The Reef on June 25 and 26, with cat videos and cat-themed vendors in tow.

Politicon: If you get a little obsessed in an election year, with the various veepstakes rumors, and who will speak at the conventions, and the issues on the table, this is your politics-huge fan festival. The celeb-filled gathering — Bill Nye and Sarah Palin are both due — is a bit irreverent, a bit offbeat, and happening on June 25 and 26. Where? At the Pasadena Convention Center.

Sunrise at "Levitated Mass": The mega boulder at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art sees fans all day long — many with their hands in the hair, to look as though they're holding the 340-ton boulder up, at least for a photo — but a few fans will swing by at 5 a.m. on Saturday, June 25 to watch the sun come up. It's sure to be a memorable sight, and there's yoga and coffee and tea, too. You'll want to join LACMA Local if you haven't already, and then get your ticket.

Summer Solstice Continues: There are a number of after-the-fact festivities marking the longest day of the year, including one at the Muckenthaler on June 26 and one in Santa Monica (also on the 26th). Fun, summery times, but for the state's largest lark, and one of the most venerable solstice celebrations anywhere, make for Santa Barbara's mondo parade on Saturday, June 25. It is colorful, costume-y, and full of sunbeamy, everyone-party vibes.

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