Why Hello There, Shake Shack Burbank

The popular purveyor o' yummy burgers may now be found on San Fernando Boulevard.

Shake Shack

What to Know

  • 200 N. San Fernando Boulevard
  • Special Burbank-only offerings are on the menu, including the Hopscotch frozen custard concrete
  • The Roadside Double, a burger that's exclusive to Los Angeles, is also on the menu

Saying you won't encounter a queue during the rush-rush of the holiday season is, let's be honest, some real wishful thinking.

Because lines do abound, even year-round, at popular Southern California shops and attractions and restaurants.

And when a new location for a boutique burgery debuts? And the burger chain in question is known for its extreme popularity, and, yes, opening-week, er, month lines? 

It's queue time, and that's that, but you can take solace that a savory 'n munchable icon is at the end of the process for you.

And that icon is the Shake Shack burger, a meaty treat that has built a mondo reputation around SoCal (and, indeed, in New York City, where it was founded in 2004).

Now the latest Shake Shack is here, at 200 N. San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank, and it boasts a bevy of burger-luscious options, as well as those famous frozen custard concretes.

Including a few that will be only sold in Burbank, like the Hopscotch. The spoon-diggable dessert includes vanilla custard, salted caramel sauce, Mast Brothers dark chocolate chunks, and chocolate toffee.

Mmm to all that.

And if you're hoping and crossing various fingers that the Roadside Burger will make a menu showing, uncross those fingers and wrap them around the edible in question: Yes, is the answer, the LA-exclusive burger will be on the Shake Shack Burbank menu. 

Think "onions simmered in bacon and beer" and Dijon mustard and a double burger sitch, oh yeah.

Best think about getting to the Burbank location, which debuted on Dec. 17, soon, if you're looking for hearty fare to complement your holiday running-around.

So what if there's a bit of a line? Maybe you'll chat up other Shake Shackers while waiting, or figure out which burger you'll order, which is not the easiest choice to make.

But make it, many will, at this latest Shake Shack, in the days/weeks/months ahead.

Years, we mean. Yeah, years.

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