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A Plant-Themed Hotel Suite Makes Its Beautiful San Francisco Debut

The Kimpton Alton Hotel partnered with Blk Girls Green House on the verdant new Sanctuary Suite.


What to Know

  • The limited-time Sanctuary Suite at the Kimpton Alton Hotel near Fisherman's Wharf
  • The space, designed by Blk Girls Green House, features a beautiful bounty of greenery, including Birds of Paradise and Draecana Lisa
  • The new Sanctuary Suite package includes a gratis bottle of local vino, valet parking, and other perks; a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Yeah, Art!, an Oakland nonprofit

THINKING ABOUT YOUR PLANTS? You probably do so while out running errands — should you pick up a new spritzing bottle or some nutritious, soil-ready spikes? — and you're surely pondering plenty of planty topics while calling upon friends' houses (longing to help out their ferns and ficuses is a natural impulse). But the place where we're often mulling over our monstera or considering our cactus? When we are away from home, on the road, and having some adventures. We can commune with a lobby's leafy denizens when we arrive at a lovely hotel, of course, but how amazing it would be to swan into a suite that is absolutely flourishing with fabulous flora, the pretty plants that just feel good to be near. The Kimpton Alton gets plant-loving people, and anyone who needs nature to be close at all times and to help guests who adore greenery? There is the new, limited-time Sanctuary Suite.

NUMEROUS PLANTS, curated by the hotel's partner, the Oakland-based Blk Girls Green House, fill the peaceful space, with Birds of Paradise, Draecana Lisa, Pothos, and Snake plants adding an outdoorsy splendor. True, a hotel room may occasionally feature a plant on a dresser, but finding a bounty of stem-tastic superstars upping a suite's atmosphere is a joy. "How you feel when you're away from home should keep you curious about what the world has to offer,” said Kalkidan Gebreyohannes, co-founder of Blk Girls Green House. "A stay in the Kimpton Alton's Sanctuary Suite will transport you to a vibrant oasis reminding you that it's a beautiful time to grow." Books by Black authors, including "Brown Bohemians: Honoring the Light and Magic of Our Creative Community" by Morgan Ashley and Vanessa Coore Vernon with design by Wendy Pruitt and "Illustrated Black History" by local writer George McCalman, are featured in the well-appointed suite.

ALSO LOVELY: A new give-back package themed to the tranquil spot will raise funds for "Yeah, Art!" of Oakland, adding to the suite's memorable cachet. A bottle of wine from the region, complimentary valet parking, and a waived amenities fee are part of the sweet deal (or perhaps we mean "suite" deal). And the hotel's new Plant Pals Program? You can request a plant for your room, whatever room you're enjoying, while staying at the Fisherman's Wharf getaway. "As part of the brand's evolving ESG commitment to source locally and work with like-minded brands, Kimpton partnered with Plant Kween, a Black, queer and non-binary influencer specializing in plants, to curate region-based, native plants for each property to offer." The Alton teamed up with community partner Blk Girls Green House to locally source the plants for the program, guided by Plant Kween's recommendations. For more on the suite, package, and plant program, visit the Kimpton Alton now.

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