A Sign Warning of Wild Elk Was No Match for Wild Elk

Two 1,000-pound stags made their opinions known in nature-cool video taken at a Prairie Creek campground, in the California redwoods.

Redwood Coast Parks

STEERING CLEAR OF WILD ELK? We're going to do exactly that, as a firmly followed rule, thank you very much. For elk have their lives to lead, and we have ours, and if there was ever a "never the twain shall meet" situation, it is this one. The good news is that the beautiful Roosevelt elk that roam the redwood-lush area of the Golden State have room to rut and spar and bugle and do all of the necessary and important pursuits that elk engage in on a regular basis. Sometimes, though? Humans do not practice safe physical distancing with wild animals, hence signage throughout the redwoods' busier parking lots and campgrounds reminding us to give wild elk an incredibly wide berth.

TWO SIZABLE STAGS, though, clearly weren't keen on one of those "Danger — Wild Elk" signs, and the hapless piece of metal became involved in their antler-intense showdown. The Redwood Coast Parks people just shared a video of the sign taking a double-bull battering, but it appears to have made it through by the end, even if slightly antler-scarred. There's been more than a few wild elk on the redwoods roam in these stay-at-home days, and the Parks team posted a second video of a pair of noble animals calling upon the Prairie Creek Visitor Center, a place that has been recently lacking in foot traffic (though clearly not hoof traffic). Elk aficionados, prepare to be delighted by nature doing its wondrous, elk-amazing thing, in and around Redwood National and State Parks, in the two new videos below.

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