A Solvang Superstar Will Make Our September Sweeter

Danish Days are returning, along with, oh joy, those jam-covered Æbleskiver Breakfasts.

Theresa Gingras

What to Know

  • Danish Days in Solvang
  • Sept. 16 through 18, 2022
  • $10-$12; advance tickets available now

SEPTEMBER IS SWEET: The ninth month on the calendar may not be the nummiest — October probably wins the confection-strong crown, thanks to the oodles of Halloween candies we enjoy, though December might boast the most desserts — but it has a number of tasty touchstones. Caramel apples, cider doughnuts, and the baked goods that appear at back-to-school events are just a few of the favorites we might eat when September arrives. But around the Santa Ynez Valley? A traditional Danish treat, one that is golden, airy, and often gooey with lingonberry jam, is the snacky star when mid-September arrives. It's the æbleskiver, those perfect puffs of doughy deliciousness, and they'll be the main course at the annual Æbleskiver Breakfast.

ADVANCE TICKETS... are now on sale for either the Saturday or Sunday meals, so deciding which you'd like to attend — or perhaps both — is the next decision to make. Of course, there are more decisions to make when it comes to pondering Danish Days, one of Solvang's most beloved bashes. The æbleskiver happening is just one appetizing element of the three-day festivity, which also includes an Old World marketplace, folk dancing, live music, brews and wines, a LEGO-building tent, and other delights around the windmill-filled hamlet, a quaint place that boasts the nickname "Little Denmark."

LOOKING AHEAD: You have time to figure out all you'd like to do at the weekend-long celebration, which dances through town from Sept. 16 through 18, but best secure breakfast tickets soon, as seats do fill up. (Totally understandable, for plenty of people who adore pastries are often fully obsessed with all things æbleskiver.) Something yummy to consider? You can book your breakfast with or without sausage on the side; just review all the options on the ticketing page.

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