Big Bear

Basecamp Activities Are Now Open at Snow Summit

The zip line is just one attraction at Big Bear Mountain Resort, but families can find other outdoorsy pursuits.

Big Bear Mountain Resort

What to Know

  • Big Bear Mountain Resort
  • A 30-foot climbing wall, Euro Bungee trampoline, Kids Full Throttle, Scenic Sky Chair, and more
  • Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday,10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

AS SUMMER BEGINS, so do longer nights, little by little by little, a daily reminder that we need to savor the season's warmth before winter's chillier ways return. Of course, fall falls in the middle of the two, but up on a mountain? The snow can and does return before we can slip into our boots and find our lucky knit cap. But there are those rare and magical places where the seasons seem to meet, like Snow Summit at Big Bear Mountain Resort. Nope, the flurries aren't flurrying just yet — it is, after all, the very earliest hours of the summer season — but the famously frosty spot has donned its summer wear, giving those who love mountain life a few family-fun pursuits to enjoy while the snow is on a break. Which means that, yes, the...

BASECAMP ACTIVITIES... are back at the high-elevation destination, including the ever-popular 30-foot climbing wall. The Kids Full Throttle just made its debut, if you're looking for something fresh, and this is mighty fresh, indeed. Snow Summit "... will offer STACYC™ Electric Bikes with a dedicated course at Summit Bike Park," shares the site, if you've got youngsters who are super-into trying out an adventuresome spin on two wheels. Other thrill-a-minute activities include the Grizzly Ridge Tube Park, the Euro Bungee Trampoline, and, for sure, the more peaceful, let's-look-at-the-sights Scenic Sky Chair. For all of the info, ride by this site now, which includes prices, times, and what you need to know before heading up the big hill.

ARE YOU MISSING WINTER, A LITTLE BIT, as the heat truly settles in? Snow'll be back at Snow Summit before we know it. But, for now, we can ride the sky chair, pedal around Summit Bike Park, and spend an afternoon exploring everything that Basecamp in the summer has to offer.

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