BBQ & Beer Festival Sizzles in Santa Clarita

Country tunes, savory meats, and craft brews shall rule the weekend-big bash.

WHEN IS IT SUMMERTIME... but it isn't yet technically summertime? This shouldn't be too much of a brain-twister or frustating riddle. Rather, we invite you to think of all of those summer-style festivals that have a way of cropping, like so many sunflowers and roses, weeks ahead of summer's official arrival. These are the outdoorsy parties that bring the summery vittles, and big summer tunes, to revelers, and, if you didn't have a calendar on your phone, you might just swear it is the middle of July. One such party is coming up, and just ahead of Mother's Day, no less, which means that if your sweet mom is A) a country music maven and B) likes her craft brews and her well-seasoned meats, you've got a great way to treat her to something she'll dig. It's the BBQ & Beer Festival, and it is ready to bring a rather hefty dose of summer sunshine to Santa Clarita, well over a month before the season begins. The 2018 dates are...

MAY 11 AND 12, a Friday and Saturday, yep, and the place is Central Park. How it all schedules out? Friday evening is focused on the fancy foams and the tunes, with Billy Currington and LOCASH on the stage. Saturday, which is more of a daytime to-do, rocks a family-friendly vibe, complete with a "Large" Kid Zone, and barbecue is the theme. Of course, if you want, you can attend both, but just keep in mind what will be spotlight on Friday, and then on Saturday, before making your plans. Also? Best line up your designated driver, too, and buy their ticket for the tunes and/or barbecue deliciousness. This event hails from the people behind the mondo California Beer Festival, if that's a favorite of yours, so read on, and rock on, at this summer party in springtime.

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