California's Apple-Butteriest Bash to Make November Nummy

Yes, we said "nummy": Oak Glen will salute the spread over a Thanksgiving Weekend festival.


What to Know

  • Oak Glen
  • Nov. 25 through 27, 2022
  • Free entry; other activities, like wagon rides and a treasure hunt, will dot the fall-fun schedule

NUMMY OR YUMMY? There are loads of food-related words that lay on a sense of the adorable pretty thickly, including "yummy" "nummy," and all of their ultra-adorable offshoots, such as "yum-yum" or "num-num." "Snacky" might apply here, and "scrumptious" is especially cute, and we should feel inspired, and unashamed, to describe any delectable experience we're loving as yummy, nummy, snacky, or scrummy, if we're feeling it. But when fall deepens, and the holidays are on the horizon, these particularly descriptive dining terms seem more preciously prominent, and employing them more often, without embarrassment, is a-ok. For there are few nummier foodstuffs than the foodstuffs that dominate in the fall, and apple butter may be at the pinnacle of this pleasing pyramid. But where to find the sweet spreadable in a setting that matches the spirit of the snack?

OAK GLEN... is the picturesque, foliage-laden location, a destination that is famously associated with apples, and everything to do with apples, from cider to crafts to, yes, the yummiest, snackiest spread around. The hamlet, which is nestled (another fall-esque word, for sure) in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, gives apple butter buffs their own weekend, and what a weekend it is: It all "spreads out" over the three days that follow Thanksgiving. It's a golden time for a golden goodie, and sellers will have a selection of apple butters to browse and potentially buy (in addition to tarts, pies, ciders, and such). In addition to the scrumptious star, there shall be live tunes, craft activities for the tots, a treasure hunt, and other homespun happenings. Will you be in the area from Nov. 25 through 27? Consider buttering-up your buds if you'd like to swing by this flavorful fall lark.

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