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Channel Islands Love? There's an App for That

The NPS Channel Islands App gives ocean-loving adventurers the e-tools they need for a life-enhancing, salty-of-spirit day out.

Antonio Busiello

CHANNEL ISLANDS FACTS? You're ready to reel off what you know, in any situation, at any given moment. If game night delivers a national parks category to you and your team, you've got it totally covered. If you're tasked with remembering what the largest California island might be, you won't even pause before shouting it out (Santa Cruz is the answer, of course, but then you already knew). You might even spend your spare time reading up on Painted Cave or Diablo Peak or the other features of the spectacular island chain, just to give yourself a mind vacation from the day-to-day course of things.

BUT WOULDN'T IT BE HELPFUL... to have a full-on source at your fingertips, the sort of app you can turn to for everything to do with the flora, fauna, topography, and trivia of the away-from-the-world destination? It would be. And for that, there's the NPS Channel Islands App, a free route to digging deeper into your favorite destination. "Discover the natural and cultural stories in context with their locations," is one suggestion from the National Park Service. "Find the information you need about visitor centers, events, services, and self-guided tours and trails throughout the park," is another. Even if you're not hopping onto an Island Packers boat soon, you can create a dream trip in your mind with the assistance of the app. Are you enamored of this perfect place out of time? The California of centuries gone by still exists, in its gorgeous and nature-rich state.

APP-UP, now, and burnish your Channel Islands National Park knowledge now.

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