Catalina Island

Cheers to the Catalina Wine Mixer, a Cinematic Sparkler With Comedy Flair

The event, inspired by the film "Step Brothers," has become a spirited Avalon celebration.

Catalina Wine Mixer

What to Know

  • June 2 and 3, 2023
  • Descanso Beach Club in Avalon on Catalina Island
  • $109 and up; over 20 wineries will be pouring at the event, which traces its playful start to 2008's "Step Brothers"

SEEING YOUR STREET... in a movie? It's typically such a surprise and thrill. Spying a section of town you know well on the silver screen? Same thing: You're going to be pretty stoked about a big film calling upon a familiar-to-you neighborhood. Recalling a place you adore that was cited in a major movie, a location that was featured in a funny flick that went on to become one of the most quotable comedies of the aughts? You likely remember several such settings, especially if those cameos were especially colorful. Such is the case with Catalina Island, a lovely spot that has starred in several stories through the decades, perhaps most famously, at least in recent years, "Step Brothers." While the 2008 film didn't film on the island — you do see the celebrated Casino, yes, but the rest was made on the mainland — the "Catalina Wine Mixer" scene has entered comedy legend. So much so that a real Catalina Wine Mixer was launched, making it that rare real-world event that had its start on the big screen.

THE 2023 CATALINA WINE MIXER... will land the proverbial helicopter at the Descanso Beach Club on June 2 and 3. Tickets start at $109, and over 20 wineries are expected to attend the ocean-close gathering. Craft beer and whiskey will also be a part of the scene, and a wine-pairing lunch, too. Phantom Planet is the headliner, and live tunes'll add to the convivial atmosphere throughout the weekend. And if you plan on arriving on Friday? "Step Brothers" will screen in the Avalon Theatre inside the Casino, just a short stroll from where the main party will take place on June 3. There's plenty afoot at this wine-taster of a to-do, which is celebrating its eighth outing; stroll by the Catalina Wine Mixer site and become best friends with the event's full schedule now.

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