Condor Courtship Is Taking Flight Around Big Sur

Nesting season has arrived for the famous feather-rocking denizens of the Central Coast. Eager to know more? Sign up for a a Zoom chat now.

Doug Steakley

WINGS THAT ARE STRETCHED WIDE? A "dance" that is both dramatic and enthralling? Moves that can only be made by a paramour with an eye to attracting a mate? Chances are strong that you're watching a male condor in full romance mode. It's quite a sight to see, and, if you're lucky, you may catch a memorable glimpse on the California Condor Cams at Big Sur. Helmed by the Ventana Wildlife Society, the cameras give bird buffs at home a chance to admire the endangered species from an up-close spot, without disturbing their nesting needs, their feeding rituals, and, yes, those amazing mating dances. But...

MATING SEASON... is on the romantic wind, and followers of the Big Sur superstars of the sky are wondering which condor Redwood Queen, one of the best-known of the Big Sur "condo" (if that's your preferred term for a group of condors), will pair up with in the coming weeks. Kingpin, Redwood Queen's former mate, perished in the Dolan Fire of 2020. Watchers from the Ventana Wildlife Society have seen a possible match in Phoenix, another area condor, while other pairs are in the spotlight, like Kodama and Amigo (the duo has been spotted enjoying shared soars together near the stunning coast).

FOLLOWING ALONG... at the Ventana Wildlife Society social pages is a great idea, but there's something coming up soon that condor-ists may want to make a landing for: a Condor Zoom Chat. It's happening on Jan. 28 at 4 p.m. Pacific, and Condor Joe and staff will cover all matters to do with the beak-rocking beauties. Sign up here for the monthly happening, and catch up on all of your need-to-knows about the Big Sur clutch o' condors and what is taking flight in their fascinating world.

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