San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Feed Butterflies as They Flutter by, at Safari Park

Spring Safari Featuring Butterfly Jungle alights at the animal park, with grace and beauty, later in March.

Lori Palicka

What to Know

  • Spring Safari Featuring Butterfly Jungle
  • March 19 through May 8, 2022
  • San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido; do note that Butterfly Jungle is a separately priced ticket

"AN ESCAPE INTO NATURE": The total truth? Many of us are forever seeking that brief but blissful escape into the natural world, in whatever way it arrives. We want to stand in the soft sunshine as it filters through the tree canopy above, we want to turn an ear to the thrilling trill of a nearby bird as we try to determine its avian origin, and discovering a pretty pinecone in our path? Oh, you can bet we're going to pause and study every little knob, ridge, and hollow, at lovely length. But when a world-famous animal park puts out the call, that "an escape into nature" is going to be one of the sweet themes of its spring programming, we're ready to flutter in that direction, quickly, as fast as an insect with wings.

SAN DIEGO ZOO SAFARI PARK... has just put out that critter-cool call, and it is all about its upcoming multi-week event, an outdoor extravaganza that has several intriguing elements. Spring Safari Featuring Butterfly Jungle boasts "springtime treats and festivities around every corner," with music, performances, and a bevy of strawberry sweets and eats for sale (Strawberry Cream Cheese Wontons are on the menu, as is a Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Bacon Burger, wow wow). And in the fluttery foreground of this happening, which celebrates the gifts of the gentlest season from March 19 through May 8?

BUTTERFLY JUNGLE, that well-known winged fling, a celebration that's full of stupendous soarers. This is a separate ticket, do note, and there are plentiful ways to savor your time among the marvelous Monarchs and Mourning Cloaks. Visitors will be able to "... wander through Hidden Jungle aviary among hundreds of colorful, fluttering butterflies and even have a chance to feed them." Surely that's a magical memory that the fortunate feeder will reflect upon every time they see a butterfly while on a walk for the rest of their butterfly-fancying days. For more on the park's Springtime Safari, and Butterfly Jungle, too, flap your wings by this site now.

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