Find Moon Jelly Joy Under a Full Moon

Enjoy a Monterey Bay Aquarium webcam that's full of fanciful floaters as the Marchtime Worm Moon casts a lunar light.


THE MOON? It is, sadly, lacking in the presence of fish, specifically jellyfish. Which is too bad, in some sense, as a moon jellyfish making its home on the moon seems downright surreal, and a touch fanciful, and just the sort of joyful image that might raise one's spirit. Good news, however? The moon jellyfish does call our own planet its home, making it a co-earthling, a critter we can visit if we know where to go. And in California, we can find moon jellies at some of our great aquariums, including the...

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM, which not only houses a number of lunar lovelies but also spreads that moon jelly light, far and whimsically wide. For there's a Moon Jelly Live Web Cam up on the Cannery Row institution's site, and it features a host of ethereal floaters, the sort of sight that is rather difficult to come across in the open ocean but oh-so-easy if you have the right URL. Is this the perfect moment to moon-it-up over these fringe-laden, gonad-great superstars of the deep? There is, after all...

A FULL MOON... on Monday, March 9, the Worm Moon, and keeping your screen open to the moon jellies, while moonbeams pass through your window, means you truly do love to moon over the moon, and beasties that have a name inspired by the moon, too.

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