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Haunt Downtown Fullerton During a New Ghost Walk

Discover the stories behind Fullerton's older thoroughfares and buildings during Haunted Orange County's spirited sixth walk.

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What to Know

  • Presented by Haunted Orange County
  • Debuts Friday, July 30, 2021
  • $24 per person

THAT TWINGE IN THE AIR? It's not close to fall, not at all, and yet? The supernatural side of life doesn't keep to a calendar, or at least so we're told in tales, stories, and ye olde yarns. Hauntings can happen whenever and wherever, according to the legends, and local tour groups stay on top of the stories throughout the year. So while autumn may be a few months away, you can find some of those fall-y feels come the end of July by joining a debuting ghost walk in Downtown Fullerton.

HAUNTED ORANGE COUNTY, a spirit-seeking collective that has led tours through Santa Ana's atmospheric thoroughfares and around Old Town Orange, too, is introducing its sixth and phantom-freshest outing on Friday, July 30. A ticket? It's $24, which will give you the opportunity to join the airy excursion, which will wander by the pretty, decades-old buildings that dot the handsome area. You'll learn about the district's "majestic theatres and restaurants" as well as how the town came to be. Spooky stories and eerie anecdotes from the burg's long-gone past? You can expect to hear a few such startlers along the way, too.

AND WHEN FALL DOES ARRIVE? There shall be new phantom-y events afoot, including a mourning-themed exhibit in Santa Ana. To stay "afloat" on all that the doings at Haunted Orange County, visit this site or follow the group's social announcements. So perhaps there is something of a twinge in the air, an autumnal atmosphere? Summer's vibe is strong, but ghost walks are summoning fall-style frights.

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