Humboldt County Brims With October-Ready Treasures

Eureka is home to what might be our country's most charming and haunting abode: The Carson Mansion.

Max Whitaker/

THE HAUNTED HOUSE... depicted on the cereal box in your cupboard, the cover of a new spooky book, or the web site for your favorite Halloween attraction? Chances are solid that the illustrators for each drew at least some inspiration from what is one of California's most august and impressive buildings. It's the Carson Mansion, located in Eureka, and while you can't enter the stately Victorian abode (the built-in-1884 landmark is home to The Ingomar Club), you can admire it from the sidewalk and try and recall all of the places you've seen it depicted, again and again.

IT'S A HANDSOME HOUSE... that visitors happily capture on film, all year long, but come the fall? It's a true must-see around Humboldt County, a region that is full of atmospheric charms throughout the year. Prefer the mysteries of the woods? There are plenty of those around Humboldt, and you don't have to wonder, at length, about the supernatural superstar at the center of many local stories. A recent story from September 2020 pondered if Bigfoot had been sighted in a forest near Eureka. Spoiler alert? It's a beautiful burl, but, for sure, it looks like the hairy icon at first glance. Even if you can't visit this October, know that the county has a host of Victorian homes to admire and Bigfoot legends to explore throughout the calendar, and the tall trees are always there, adding further allure and atmosphere.

DREAMING OF HAUNTING HUMBOLDT... yourself one day soon? Here's a fine and not-too-frightful place to begin plotting the fantastic places you'll float by as you move around the Golden State's great forested expanse.

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