Join a Virtual Run in the Redwoods

Even if you're not dashing by the big trees, you can show your support from your neighborhood.

Adam Hester

DAPPLED SUNLIGHT? There isn't just one sort of dappling to be found, as any aficionado of the outdoors understands. If you're under a palo verde, or another desert-based denizen, the dappling will be on the more intense and direct side, while mountain-based fir trees will create a dapple effect that's quite diffuse. But many dapple devotees trot for the redwoods for some truly sublime dappling pleasures. And a run along a redwoods-lined path? Oh goodness. That's when a runner enters into a soft and sunlit fantasy world. The redwoods have long been famous as a pretty place to run, especially at events that raise money for the parks. And while past fundraising events have taken place along the paths wending around the big trees, that won't be happening in 2020, due to the pandemic response. But the..

7TH ANNUAL RUN IN THE REDWOODS... will jog on as a virtual affair, one that any fan of these epic forests can participate in, wherever they happen to live. Registration is open for the 5K, so you can sign up now, and discover the details on the Oct. 3-10 happening. For sure, you can walk, too, and treadmills are a-ok, too. As for paddling your way along the 5K? You bet: That's allowed. The Redwood Parks Conservancy is the organization behind the give-back event, a fundraiser that has fans everywhere. Now those everywhere fans can join in to help support and save the superstar specimens they adore. The moving mission from the conservancy? "All proceeds from the event, including support from our generous sponsors, will provide critical funds needed to support education, restoration, science and visitor services in Redwood National and State Parks and our other partner public lands."

WANT TO SHARE... snapshots or videos on the RPC social pages? That's encouraged. Want to get your tee in time? Be sure to sign up by Sept. 15.

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