Mammoth Mountain

Leap Year Babies Ski Free on Their Birthday

Both Mammoth Mountain and Bear Mountain are giving February 29ers complimentary lift tickets on their big (and rare) days.

Peter Morning/MMSA

SO YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE... reads "February 29"? Have you got quite the birthday ahead. But then you always do, since your super-special, once-ever-four-years celebration is as rare as any remaining cake after a mondo blowout. You always know that giveaways and discounts are going to pop up, and maybe some unusually over-the-top observances, too. But if you love to ski, snowboard, and commune with the snow? February 29ers, this following news may make you want to leap with Leap Year joy: Both Mammoth Mountain and Bear Mountain will give anyone born on the 29th day of February a free lift ticket on, you got it, Feb. 29.

BETTER LEAP... even higher, though: That's a Saturday in 2020, making a trip to the Eastern Sierra, or Big Bear, even easier for a lot of people, scheduling-wise. Though, one has to imagine, you're already planning to go big, do it up, and let loose for Feb. 29, since it is a day that only circles back every four years. Does being atop a chilly peak feel like an especially festive and/or auspicious way to spend your birthday? "Simply present a valid ID showing a Leap Day birthday at any ticket counter for your free birthday lift ticket" at either location mentioned above, is the good word. Happy Feb. 29 birthday, Leap-Year-ers, and enjoy your pay-nothing day out on the slopes.

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