Lompoc's Floweriest Window Is Opening

The flower fields will be full of pretty petals, while a fest is sprouting over the first weekend of May.

Iryna Imago

TIME FOR LIFT-OFF: When you begin talking about "lift-off" and "Lompoc," you're likely talking about Vanderberg Space Force Base, and if there is a launch coming up, and whether there are tours, and all of the galactically cool goings-on that orbit the famous location. But sometimes, a lift-off can be rather littler, size-wise, and so lovely, petal-wise, and seeing a perfect flower at its peak beauty can definitely fill a person with a sense of the eternal (much like watching a rocket streak into the night sky). Where, though, can a Lompoc visitor find those locations lush with blossoms as the verdant region moves into their most bloomful time of year?

EXPLORE LOMPOC... has tips on where to go to see some glorious flower fields, those agricultural expanses where sweet peas, larkspur, and other splendid specimens do gloriously grow. These are cultivated fields, by the by, and not wildflowers, and you'll want to observe them from outside the various growers' properties (these aren't the sorts of rows you can stroll through for snapshots, keep in mind). But you should see a variety of flowers, depending on the week, by following the map provided on this page (the local tourism pros shared the free driving route). The best window for flower enjoyments around Lompoc and beyond? "April through September" is the colorful call to action.

LOMPOC VALLEY FLOWER FESTIVAL: And if you happen to be lollygagging around Lompoc, which, all in all, is a nice thing to do on a plan-free Saturday in early May? Check it out: The Flower Festival will open its petals from May 6 through 8, with a flower-themed parade on Saturday, May 7th.

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