Mod Buffs, Join a Palm Springs Virtual Bash With Vavoom

The Modernism Week Fall Preview is going online in 2020, so savor a line-up of stylish events, from home tours to a lively happy hour, all while staying put.

Charles Phoenix

SASHAYING INTO A ROOM? You may have done just that, if you've called upon Palm Springs during Modernism Week, which takes place in February, or the Modernism Week Fall Preview, a stylish mid-October staple. For sashaying, sauntering, and moving with some moxie is the way to go at both multi-day events, two celebrations devoted to architecture, design, fashion, and the sheer and unmistakable oomph of mid-century modern. It's an oomph that can't be dimmed, even in the fall of 2020, which means the party will continue with one bright, shining asterisk, an asterisk shaped like the sort of neon starburst you might see on the outside of a '50s apartment building. The 2020 Modernism Week Fall Preview will be a virtual party with vavoom, giving everyone at home a chance to buy tickets and join the swanky scene starting on Oct. 15.

THE SASHAY-WORTHY EVENTS? The Modernism Week Signature Home Tour Video Series, a centerpiece of the celebration, is a "... specially-produced video home tour series (that) will allow participants to virtually tour some of the most significant homes in Palm Springs." Think of it as an opportunity to be a lookie-loo, without anyone looking at you while you look around. And Charles Phoenix, that charismatic maestro of mid-century, is again affably along for the throwback ride. He'll chat about "his favorite local hidden treasures" as well as a lively line-up of must-see-next-time-you're-there gems. And if you miss cocktailing-it-up around the swell city, join The Zoom Zoom Room on Friday evening, Oct. 16. Make a cold martini, then jump into the virtual happy hour. Vintage tunes, dancing, trivia, and other delights await.

FOR THE FULL AND FABULOUS SCHEDULE, all the ticket prices, and what each virtual vavoom will entail, cock your fedora, hop into your convertible, and cruise over to the Modernism Week Fall Online Experience site now.

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