Monterey Bay Aquarium's ‘Shrimply' Wonderful Week

The Cannery Row institution is giving these small and fascinating critters the big centerstage.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

What to Know

  • Shrimp Week launched on Feb. 14, 2022
  • The world-famous aquarium has been sharing shrimp facts on social media, as well as cute Valentine's cards (yep, shrimp are involved)
  • The free February digital wallpaper boasts a handsome prawn

SHRIMP GLIMPSE: Do we truly give the shrimp the due it is owed? Have these cute crustaceans received the attention they deserve? Are these oceanic critters as "shrimportant" to us as they should be? These are some of the critical questions that Monterey Bay Aquarium is asking its fans to consider during Shrimp Week, which kicked off, with a lot of humor and heart, on Feb. 14. For sure, some cute and share-ready Valentine's greetings were some of the first images the Cannery Row-based institution posted, but there have been other offerings that are "shrimply" fascinating (indeed, the aquarium has been charmingly unleashing a whole caboodle of terms that are shrimpossible to ignore).

SKELETON SHRIMP, those wee wonders (they don't even measure an inch) scored their own eye-popping post during Shrimp Week, as did the handsome Heptacarpus shrimp. There's also a quiz, in case you've ever wondered what sort of shrimp you might be, and February's free digital wallpaper? It's the spectacular spot prawn. "This big-eyed shrimp spends the first few years of its life as a male, before changing to female as it matures," shared the aquarium, which also explained this amazing animal's incredible migratory patterns (this critter can go deep, really deep, in less than a day). Want this superstar to grace your screen? We get it: The spot prawn, like so many shrimp, certainly is very, very shrimpressive.

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