Moon Over the Mountains of Channel Islands National Park

Learn cool facts about the craggy, super-spectacular chain of ocean-surrounded summits on International Mountain Day.


PICTURE A FAVORITE MOUNTAIN, in your mind's eye, and then visualize how you typically approach it. Is there a highway involved? A two-land road? Is the tip-top bit best reached by hiking, or will a gondola get you up to the mountainous splendor? Each mountain has its own distinctive character, but there's a chain of dramatic peaks that just happen to be surrounded by lots and lots of water. These aren't rivers we're talking about, or even creeks, but rather the Pacific Ocean. And, you bet, we're singing the pretty praises of Channel Islands National Park, which is easy to do on any day of the year but definitely on Dec. 11, which happens to be International Mountain Day.

THE MOUNTAIN-LOVING MAVENS... that oversee the national park's social pages took time out on Dec. 11 to share some nifty facts about these partially underwater mountains. "The islands form the westernmost edge of the Transverse Ranges, one of the most complex and diverse mountain ranges in the states," states the post, and if you knew that the Santa Monica Mountains are also part of the same range, then you definitely know your Golden State locations. Eager to fold in a few more fascinating tidbits about Santa Cruz Island, Anacapa Island, and Santa Rosa Island, too? Start here. You'll discover more about El Montañon on Santa Cruz, a visitor-accessible summit with sweeping views, and other peak-perfect information.

PLANNING A FUTURE TRIP? Here's something helpful: Island Packers, "the official boat concessionaire to the Channel Islands National Park," has gift certificates for sale, and they never expire. Such knowledge should make any still-to-come adventure among these ocean mountains a pleasurable experience to anticipate, indeed.

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