Whale Watch in the Future With a Buy-Now Gift Certificate

Island Packers, "the official boat concessionaire to Channel Islands National Park," wants to help adventurers plan for down-the-road trips.

Doug Magnum

SO YOU KNOW YOUR DECEMBER DATES? You've memorized the last day to ship a package before Christmas and when to order your Hanukkah latkes? You know when to bake the rum cake and when to light the candles and when to plan your virtual caroling party? Then you surely know a date that's important to nature lovers up and down the Golden State. It's Dec. 26, which has long been lauded as the kick-off to Whale Watching Season around Oxnard. The Pacific Gray whales, too, seem to know all about the day after Christmas, for that's about when people might just see a majestic gray, or a small pod, cruising along on their ancient migratory journey, a route that famously hugs much of our coast. Pandemic measures, and a stay-close-to-home plan, is the aim for many Californians as 2020 ends, but there is a way to support a whale-famous outfit and plan for a future adventure. For...

ISLAND PACKERS... has gift certificates for purchase, the sort of giftable goodies that tell a family member or friend that you know they can't wait to be back on the ocean, one day, in search of fabulous flukes, big breaches, and those ever-curious spyhoppers. Of course, you could always purchase one for yourself, and hold onto it for a special day down the road. Just make your purchase by phone, and your gift will be emailed the cetacean maven in your life. "This mammoth migration of over 10,000 whales and 6,000 miles remains a major attraction in Southern California," says the Island Packers team, which is a lot of whale wonder, for sure. But something true and interesting? The gray whales aren't the only stars of the show.

HUMPBACKS, FIN WHALES, and, every now and then, Orcas may be spotted, as well as plenty of gorgeous dolphins and sea birds. Start here to secure your gift certificate, with the knowledge that your certificate will never expire. Doesn't common wisdom say that anticipating a trip can fill a person with joy? Anticipation for you, or a loved one, begins now.

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