Morro Bay's Tasty Avo + Marg Meet-up

Spend the second Saturday in September dippin' 'n sippin'.

WHAT'S THE ULTIMATE ORDER... when it comes to enjoying a margarita and a bowl of guacamole? Do you want to begin with the beverage, and the spirited sweetness it famously delivers? Or is the creamy, garlicky kick you seek first? And if you want to begin with what has the most lime, how do you choose, given that both the libation and the appetizer are known for possessing plenty of citrusy zing? Choices, choices, so many delightful choices. Oftentimes, however, at least if you're in a restaurant, that choice doesn't come down to you, but rather is all about what arrives at your table first, marg or guac. But whether your dip and sip or sip and dip, you can find plenty of both in Morro Bay each September. For that's the location of, yes, one very large and photo-stunning rock, which happens to be there each September and during every other month, too, but a flavorful festival devoted to the popular drink-dip combo. It's the...

AVOMARGFEST, and if it is the Saturday after Labor Day, you can bet that the alligator pears and tasty tequilas will be out in Morro Bay. Tickets are on sale for the annual to-do — an entry is six bucks when purchased in advance or $7 if you buy it there — and the vibe is family friendly. That means face painting, balloon animals, a magic show, and other young'un-pleasing pastimes, and plenty of music for attendees of all ages. Plus? There are other things to look into at the Saturday, Sept. 8 party, beyond the beverages and bites, like the chance to win "a year's supply of fresh California grown avocados!" Yeah, you want that, because if you're a guac-iest, the kind of person who'd throw a few slices of avo on every egg dish and sandwich, such a bounty could come in way, way handy. Learn more about this marvelous Morro tradition, the hours, the location, and where to stay nearby, here.

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