Olde Tyme Fall Festival in Buena Park

How to kick off October Eve? With sweet nostalgic fun at this Sept. 30 event.

THERE ARE PUMPKIN PATCHES, and corn mazes, and haunted houses, and other iconic events of autumn, but if you're looking for a straight-up, family-cute, pay-no-admission, tender expression of the season, then you're looking for a fall festival. But finding a fall festival takes a bit of poking about, much like one might spend time searching out a grove of colorful autumn trees. Still, the classic fall fests are beginning to bloom as September melds into October, and a sweet one is just ahead, on October Eve, at the Buena Park Historical Society. The location is a giveaway that Buena Park is the city, which is where you'll find the...

OLDE TYME FALL FESTIVAL, a free, three-hour-long party that puts the emphasis on the sunshinier side of the season. Oh, drat, we typed "Buena Park" before, when we should have written it as "Boo-uena Park," the city's mirthful moniker for the special event. As mentioned, you and the tots can all get in for free, and there shall be games, and crafts, and magic shows, and a peek at Halloween vendors, in case you need to step up your spooky stuff a month out from the haunted holiday. Food, too, will be for sale, and you can take a tour of a historic house, if that tempts. Oh, and October Eve? That's...

SEPTEMBER 30, of course, which is a Saturday in 2017. The hours for the Olde Tyme Fall Festival are 2 to 5 p.m., which means you and your lil' ghoulies can be back home before the gloaming begins to gloam 'round the Orange County town.

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