Pick Your Own Romas: Underwood Fun

Stock up on tomato bliss over the first Saturday and Sunday in September.

THE PICK YOUR OWN CALENDAR... at Underwood Family Farms out at Moorpark? It's big. It's lengthy. It's seriously huge, and if anyone tries to tell you that there is only some two-week window for picking around the springtime, a window that's all about berries and little else, send that naysayer straight to the Pick Your Own Calendar page, which details all of the deliciousness that happens at the agricultural destination from March through November. That's right, you can hand-pick your own fresh produce, of varying types, for well over a half year, with goodies like beets and leeks starting it all out in early spring and pumpkins bringing up the rear once autumn is well underway. But if you're looking to do some marinara-making, and pizza-creating, and pasta-topping, and the weekend before Labor Day Monday is pretty open on your schedule, map a route to the succulent spread in Moorpark for...

PICK YOUR OWN ROMA TOMATOES... weekend. Note that while the holiday weekend is a long one, the Romas-themed event is happening on Saturday, Sept. 2 and Sunday, Sept. 3, and the start time is early, early, early, as in 6 a.m. (both days'll wrap at noon). Showing with "containers of equal size" for the tomatoes you pick is advised, and making sure that you won't put more than 50 pounds of tomatoes in either is also the way to go. The price per red-tastic, shiny-of-skin, plump-to-the-palm pound? You'll pay a quarter — a quarter! — for each pound of Romas you pick. Double that, to 50 cents, for the pre-picked Romas, should you want to simply choose some of those for your canning, spaghetti, sandwich-tasty needs back at home. For all the juicy, slice-able, Roma-ready details on this lovely way to greet the end of the summer season, visit the Underwood Family Farms Facebook page now.

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