Family Fun

Princesses and Pirates Reign at Santa Barbara Zoo

It's a dress-up kind of weekend at the animal park, which is also home to the new Australian Walkabout.

Santa Barbara Zoo

What to Know

  • March 19 and 20, 2022
  • Included with admission (reservations required)
  • Fun 'n froggy crafts are some of the sweet centerpieces of the weekend

DONNING A TIARA... or a tri-cornered hat may be a daily occurrence for your costume-loving tot. They might pretend they live in a castle, or they have their own ship, and finding remnants of their world of play, from blanket forts to dining chairs made to look like thrones, happens often in your home. But finding the festive and fantastical opportunity to venture out into the world, among other princesses, princes, and pirate people? It can be far rarer than making your own imaginary playland in the den. Santa Barbara Zoo understands that children love to dress up and roam regal and adventurous worlds, and to help them have some fun, and celebrate some awesome amphibians, a whole whimsical weekend is given over to princesses and pirates.

THAT FROG-TASTIC FESTIVITY... is ribbiting on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20. The fascinating frogs that we share our planet with will be in the spotlight, and a number of crafts will pay homage to the far-hopping, water-loving, bug-catching superstars. Keep in mind that you'll need a reservation to enter the animal park, in addition to a ticket, before you go. And before you go? You should check out the other excellent experiences found around the destination, including the recently opened Australian Walkabout, where kangaroos roam and emus enchant. Lewis and Clark, a pair of island foxes that often seem to be "smiling" (or at least having a frolicsome time), are also part of the zoo's furry family, as is Monty, a popular penguin who boasts his own children's book.

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