Palm Desert

Rhino Savanna to Make Its Debut at The Living Desert

Jaali and Nia will roam the four-acre habitat, along with several antelopes, vultures, and other critters.

The Living Desert

What to Know

  • Palm Desert
  • Opens Nov. 12, 2021
  • The Living Desert admission is $27.95 adult $25.95 senior, and $17.95 children ages 3 to 12

WONDROUS ANIMALS, those noble and inspiring earthlings that have so much grace and goodness to convey? You never know when you might encounter such a super-cool critter, the kind of animal that can prompt you to see the world with fresh eyes. You might behold a beastie that moves you while out on a close-to-home hike, or at the beach, or calling upon an animal park that keeps conservation at the heart of its mission. And if you happen to call upon The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, starting on Nov. 12, 2021, you'll encounter some awesome earthlings, the black rhinos. For a brand-new habitat is debuting that day, one that is devoted to celebrating "many of Africa's iconic species," animals that include antelopes, cape vultures, and naked mole rats, too.

RHINO SAVANNA... is the name of the "... expansive multi-species and state-of-the art habitat," a spacious spread that will "... highlight twelve species." Rhino Savanna's goal? To "... transport guests right to their own African safari, creating connections and fostering appreciation for Africa's wildlife." The stars at the center of the habitat? Meet Jaali and Nia, now the largest mammals to call the acclaimed animal park home. And while the debut of the four-acre Rhino Savanna is something special, another important rhino-focused happening is coming up at The Living Desert: The International Desert Conservation Summit on Nov. 20, 2021. You can register for the virtual event, which will feature some of the leaders in rhino conservation, for $25.

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