Santa Barbara International Film Fest: Dates Reveal

The pre-Oscars affair includes several celebrity cameos and a food-filled co-happening.

FEBRUARY IS FLOWERING: The second month of the year may be the slimmest, calendar-wise, and there's no quibbling about that observation nor saying it isn't so. Whether it is 28 days, which it typically is, or 29, which it will be again in 2020, February is the shortest of monthly stretches, which can make a person believe that not much goes on, save the heartsy holiday on the 14th. But, in a charming twist, some of California's biggest cultural to-dos happen in February, and they don't simply fill up a day, or even a weekend, but a full third of the month, at least. Look to Modernism Week, in Palm Springs, which stakes out several days around the middle of February, and gaze upon the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which'll have its glossy 2018 kick-off on Jan. 31 before fully filling the first third of February with loads of award-winning movies, panels, and performer-spotlighting ceremonies. If spending some cool buy sunny winter days in the American Riviera sounds as pleasant as that first bite of movie popcorn, then find your nearest glitter pen and circle...

JAN. 31 THROUGH FEB. 10, 2018... on your flick-following calendar. The festival, which is marking its 33rd go-around, made the dates reveal just a few days after the Fourth of July holiday, giving cineastes and lovers of exceptional stories plenty of time to book those hotels or contact those Santa Barbara-based buds. SBIFF is a major event on the pre-Oscar calendar, with a reputation for loving upon some awards-garnering works, and it does draw the droves. Another bite-tasty bonus? There's traditionally a whole foodie component to the multi-day movie party, with restaurants planning menus and happenings that complement what's happening at theaters around town. To keep tabs on the films as they're revealed, and to get used to the idea that 2018 is but a half year away, follow the Santa Barbara International Film Festival site.

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