Santa Paddle 2021 to Ho, Ho, Row at Ventura Harbor Village

The season arrives at the picturesque burg as whimsically attired revelers take to the waves.

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What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 11 from 11 a.m. to noon
  • 1575 Spinnaker Drive in Ventura
  • Free to participate; bring your paddle gear, or rent it nearby, and don't forget to rock your Santa or elf or reindeer suit

THE HOLIDAYS AND H2O? You can say, with quirky confidence, that Californians really like to A) enjoy their ocean-based recreational pastimes and B) dress up in tribute to whatever the next celebratory date on the calendar happens to be. And if people can deftly combine those happy pursuits? They'll definitely do so, with plenty of dash and panache. Look to the whimsical Witch Paddles that show up in spots like Morro Bay and Ventura near Halloween, and ponder those places where Santa famously rides the waves to shore just after Thanksgiving, all to delight the fans and kick off the Christmas season. In some of those locations, Santa's on a surfboard, or standing on the deck of a full-sized boat, but around Ventura Harbor Village, at least on one special Saturday in December, you'll find Santa mavens out on their paddleboards, bringing splashy cheer to the season.

SANTA PADDLE 2021... will boast oodles of that cheer, and you can go and watch, or participate, on Saturday, Dec. 11. You're welcome to don a Christmas-ready look (there are plenty of elves out on the H2O) and show with your own paddleboard or kayak, if you have one. Should you need a rental, you can stop by Ventura Boat Rentals to find what you need. And, for sure: There are pedal boats around, too, if those are your particular jam. The main vibe of the merry 'n mirthful outing is simply sunshine, fresh air, a little exercise, a lot of community, and the chance to wear something Santa-ish or elvish attire. The whole sweet shebang will take around an hour, starting at 11 a.m., and it is free to join (though, for sure, you'll need cover any gear or stuff you rent or buy).

IMPORTANT: Wearing a life vest? It's essential. Reading up on everything you should know ahead of time? Santa Claus would definitely do so, and you should, too.

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