Sea-Worthy Sips: Ballast Point Tasting at Shade Hotel

The San Diego brewmaker's new Aloha Sculpin will be served at the midweek gathering.

SITTING AT A LOVELY RESTAURANT... with a view of the ocean? The chance that you'll see a sculpin, the handsome fish known for both its freshwater and ocean-dwelling ways, is pretty rare. You'll surely see dolphins, and even whales, and definitely a high number of gulls before you'll see this fin-rocking, gill-owning superstar. But seeing a Sculpin, in front of you, while you're sitting at a lovely restaurant with a view of the ocean? That's very possible, and absolutely probably, should Ballast Point Brewing Co. be in the house. After all, the award-winning San Diego-based brewhouse is synomous with the sculpin, a symbol on many of its well-known beers, and, moreover, a name. But timing your visit to when Ballast Point will be at great, Pacific-close hangout takes as much finesse as a fish moving through the foam. However, your beer-meets-sunset-meets-new-tastes dreams are coming true, for an evening devoted to a quartet of beers is just ahead, on Wednesday, March 28, at Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach. You'll want to head up to...

SEA LEVEL... at the hotel, to the marina-facing outdoor area, where the top-notch beer flights will be on the pour. Buffs of Ballast Point will recognize Sculpin, but there will also be a Grapefruit Sculpin, and a Grunion, too. As for the newer suds in the line-up? Prepare for the Aloha Sculpin, a limited-time release that recently made its debut. The cost for the tasting is fifteen bucks, and there's some swag from Ballast Point in the mix. If you're peckish, you can order food from the Sea Level menu, and if you're sunset-obsessed, you can watch it drop down, down, down, into the drink, where the sculpin live. The time is 6 to 9 p.m., making it a primo send-the-day-off event.

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