Disney California Adventure

See Cars Land Gleam As a New Day Dawns

Disneyland Resort just shared a video celebrating the sun coming up around the vroom-vroom-iest corner of Disney California Adventure.

Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort

LIGHTNING MCQUEEN AND MATER? Surely they're holding some cool convos while much of the world is asleep. And Ramone, DJ, and Flo are spinning by the Cozy Cone as the moon shines, just to see what's happening. And over at the entrance? We imagine Sheriff is on patrol, keeping the Disney California Adventure area safe and snug while we snooze. Whatever actually happens in Cars Land overnight is up to our imagination, of course, but now we can see just how it looks as the sun begins to illuminate Anaheim and the theme park that Cars Land calls home.

DISNEYLAND RESORT... just shared a video made for fans to enjoy while The Happiest Place on Earth is temporarily closed. Does Cars Land, a place you likely know well, look different as the day begins? Does it "gleam" rather than glow, in the way that chrome or car parts gleam when they catch light? The land's famous neon adds to the aura and the buildings boast a soft glow. Take a look now and daydream about the day when you get to "ka-chow!" by Ornament Valley again, be it morning, afternoon, or night.

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