‘Sensorio' Will Shimmer on the Central Coast Through 2021

Artist Bruce Munro's night-bright art installation has been extended again, lovers of immersive illumination.

Chris Hardy

What to Know

  • Extended through Jan. 2, 2022
  • 4380 Highway 46 East in Paso Robles
  • Adult entry is $31.50 to $41, plus fees

ELEGANTLY ETHEREAL ILLUMINATION? A beautiful bulb, a zazzy tube of neon, or a vintage gaslamp all have a way of making anyone out for an evening stroll pause for a magical moment. For a light shining in the night can be something sublime, with color, shape, size, and other elements lending loveliness. But what if there was a pretty place sporting a multitude of lights dotting the hills near a winery, an outside artwork created by a world-renowned artist? Then you would likely be talking about "Sensorio," the highly visual sensation that has caught the fancy of people calling upon Paso Robles over the last several months. Artist Bruce Munro's large-scale, landscape-filling installation is indeed a nighttime treat, a spectacle that must be viewed after the sun has had its daily run. It's proven to be popular, which is no surprise as people seek out gentle whimsy, splendid sights, and uplifting moments, and a new extension has just been announced.

Serena Munro

THE FINAL DAY... to behold this glowful treat, which includes several striking Light Towers as well as the 15-acre Field of Light, is now Jan. 2, 2022. Tickets run from $31.50 to $41, plus fees, for adults, and VIP options that are available Thursday through Sunday, should you want to view the vast artwork from the Private VIP Terrace with some vino and a few snacks. Oh yes: And the Light Towers are a new addition, if you visited the Field of Light early in its Golden State run. Fascinating fact? This is "... Munro's largest art­work to date, com­prised of more than 58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics, gen­tly illu­mi­nat­ing the land­scape in sub­tle blooms of mor­ph­ing col­or that describe the undu­lat­ing land­scape." In a world that could use more "wow," all told, that imagery brims with sheer wow-a-tude.

FOR TICKETS, DATES, and more on the VIP viewing options, follow the glimmer to this site now.

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