Skate Nights Roll at SkyPark at Santa's Village

The Lake Arrowhead-close lark rocks a different theme each week.

SKATING AND THE NORTH POLE... go together like a peppermint stick in hot cocoa, but, of course, there is only one sort of skating that springs to most minds, when the North Pole or Kris Kringle or snowmen are mentioned: Ice skating. That's because countless Christmas books and movies and TV specials have depicted characters spinning around a frozen pond or rink, and if they're not technically wearing blades on the bottom of their feetsies, they're able to put in a few good figure eights by the power of their soles alone. So when you introduce roller skating into the Santa-fun equation, it can cause a pause, but one that doesn't last for too long. Especially if you mention SkyPark at Santa's Village, the close-to-Lake-Arrowhead attraction that is very fa, la, la, yes, but also fun in other realms, too. Like...

ROLLER SKATING, which is ruling the warm-weather Saturday nights at SkyPark at Santa's Village. So ruling, in fact, that every Saturday Skate Night has its own theme, and those who want to go for an award are invited to show in a costume that best suits the theme's particular vibe. Coming up? Saturday, Sept. 8 focuses on the 80's Mixtape flow. Following that, on Saturday, Sept. 15? The '90s, natch. There are more on the October calendar, too, should you find yourself doing a fall color drive around the mountains and looking for a spot to stretch a leg (and by "stretch a leg," we mean roll at the alfresco rink). More info? You got it: It's all hokey-pokey-ing right here.

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